What is AquaRally?


Free from racing stress

In AquaRally, there is no timing, which means you are not obligated to race. You swim in groups with like-minded swimmers at your own pace. This allows you to enjoy open water swimming without the stress of competition.


Friendly atmosphere

 AquaRally gives you the chance to meet other swimmers, have conversations, and share experiences. Cooperation, not competition, takes center stage in AquaRally. Everyone supports and motivates each other.



Opportunity to feel nature 

In AquaRally, you swim in natural water sources, such as the sea, lake, or river. This gives you the chance to connect with nature and discover its beauty. You can swim alongside sea turtles (caretta carettas) in a friendly manner and experience the sound, scent, and color of the water.



Experience the joy of swimming together 

In AquaRally, you swim in groups rather than alone. This provides both a sense of security and enjoyment. Swimming together is both a social and athletic activity. You can swim with your friends or team up with new acquaintances and adjust to their pace.



Safe long-distance swimming 

In AquaRally, you don't swim around buoys but from one point to another. Regular feeding breaks offer you the opportunity to swim longer distances comfortably, improve your skills, and test yourself. Lifeguards, boats, and buoys constantly monitor and protect you, so you don't have to worry about your safety.



Discover personal limits

AquaRally allows you to challenge yourself, achieve personal goals, or set new ones. You can see how fast, enduring, or challenging you can swim. AquaRally enables self-discovery, development, and overcoming personal barriers.



Medal for every athlete, plaque for those who complete all courses

There's a reward for being an AquaRally participant! Every athlete receives a medal at the end of the course. Moreover, those who complete all courses are honored with a plaque. This provides both a keepsake and motivation.



Post-AquaRally beach party with 80s and 90s music, followed by a night swimming event

AquaRally is not just about swimming, it's about having fun too! After AquaRally, there is a Sausage & Bread Party on the beach with a bonfire and 80s and 90s music. Then, a night swimming event begins. This replenishes your energy and creates unforgettable moments.